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Alan Solomon

Lal Lal's woodcarving


Alan Solomon is  a proud Gunai Kurnai man. Born, raised and currently living in East Gippsland, his family lineage also links back to the Monaro tribe of southern NSW. He has created art for the last 28 years and gets his inspiration from nature. Each piece of art is unique. Alan will often forage local bushlands, choosing a tree knot or branch that inspires him to design and carve into one of his works of art.

Traditional culture and the stories surrounding individual areas are important to him and he respects the local law and culture. ‘I like to create pieces that are different from those seen in other regions, I respect the traditional markings of the Gunai Kurnai tribe and I don’t want to replicate others work, but create my own.’ His work ranges from traditional Aboriginal artifacts such as boomerangs, coolamons and paintings, to his collection of wall hangings featuring local animals, each carved from a single piece of wood.

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