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Cloth Inc. A Thin Line

2 February - 4 March 2017

Opening event 12pm - 2pm Saturday 4 February

Four contemporary artists working with cloth: Melanie Hill, Deb McArdle, Glenys Mann, Nonie Sutcliffe

The subtle marks of stitch… The repeated touch… The rhythm of the Maker… The work of one’s hands….

Melanie Hill
I stitch, I recycle, I reuse, I repurpose constantly to create textiles with a new life.

Deb McArdle
Working with textiles has been a constant in my life. Watching hands touch the surface of the cloth, consider, stitch, mend, fold, stack, everyday occurrences, the process of making. The evocative, tactile and intimate nature of the cloth, the memories held within it and the opportunity to thread the needle, knot the thread, pierce the surface and pull the thread through again and again and again and again...

Glenys Mann
I am a contemporary stitcher that works with ‘found’ cloth, namely old wool blankets, fine hand knits (mainly baby clothing and shawls) and silk, all hand stitched. My work is inspired by emotions of the environment and emotions of everyday life. During the period of time that I was a ‘Quilt-maker’, I struggled with having to conform with the ‘strict rules’ of quilt-making! Always constantly being reminded that my seams were never straight and that my points never met perfectly and that I ‘should’ only use the traditional cloth, cotton, to make a quilt, I found, to my huge relief, that there was another way of expressing my emotions!

Nonie Sutcliffe
My works features mono printing, symbolic imagery and are often enriched with hidden subtle text. I aspire to break traditional boundaries usually associated with stitch, paint and collage and try to show a depth of vision and freedom. Mono prints and digital imagery put side by side create the balance between handmade marks and technology.


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