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Colin Thomas | Water Dreaming. Tears of the Ancestors


01 July - 20 August 2022

"While standing and watching rain falling, a vision of the Ancestors came into my mind. The raindrops hitting the pools of water on the ground were like teardrops. The Ancestors were crying for what was happening to Mother Earth and the people. When the drops were falling down, they were forming circles, and the circles were perfect.

In Indigenous art those circles represent the people, the clan groups of the tribes. As the Ancestors are looking down, they can see a change in the climate, change that mankind has made.

So these photos are my way of informing people of change. Change that we Indigenous peoples and non-indigenous peoples have been trying to tell others, that the time has come to help and stand with our Mother Earth."

- Colin Thomas 2022

Image: Colin Thomas, Raindrops, photograph

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