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The Colour Gang!
04 February - 12 March 2022

Opening event 5.30pm Friday 04 February All welcome | FREE

The Colour Gang has operated as a dedicated arts initiative of Noweyung Ltd for over 30 years and the artists work out of the Colour Gang Studio and Gallery Space at 84 Goold Street Bairnsdale.

The Colour Gang artists all live locally and have many creative ideas which they explore in their artworks, each reflecting their individual style, interests and vibrant colour, which has come to represent the Colour Gang.

During times of lockdown and quiet times, Colour Gang artists have spent time reflecting on the themes of fire, regeneration and isolation, creating work they feel passionate and happy about.

The Colour Gang’s work has been admired by many and is displayed in corporate, private and public collections, including Government House. Noweyung has a range of artworks for sale and other examples of the Colour Gang’s artworks can be seen on the tables at Noweyung’s Cells Café.

In the Sideshow Gallery is Lawrence Liccione Retrospecitve, My Life in Art.

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