The Colour Gang!
04 February - 12 March 2022

Opening event 5.30pm Friday 04 February All welcome | FREE

The Colour Gang has operated as a dedicated arts initiative of Noweyung Limited for 30 years.

It was clear that the artists wanted the experiences and participation that the general population take for granted. As strong advocates, they expected and were entitled to seek identity as artists and feel proud of communicating their vision. As Frank, one of the long-standing artists, says “This is my job”.

The number of artists has fluctuated over time, with the current group of 20 consisting of several original members and many new and vibrant artists of all ages and backgrounds. The program has provided professional artistic instruction and development, incorporating a diversity of media and mediums from experienced artist facilitators. This has been enhanced by guest artists, workshops and exhibitions.

The artists all live in the East Gippsland Region and have a wealth of life experiences, which they bring to their artworks. The art reflects their distinctive styles and bold colour which has come to represent “The Colour Gang”.

The Colour Gang’s work has been admired by many and is displayed in corporate, private and public collections, including Government House. Noweyung has a range of artworks for sale andother examples of the Colour Gang’s artworks can be seen on the tables at Noweyung’s Cells Café

The Colour Gang!