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EGAG WRAP 2022 small artwork prize
02 December - 14 January 2023

This year the prize was judged by Melinda Martin, CEO of Shepparton Art Museum and the winner was Bruthen artist, Jacqui Reid for her painting, Cherish the beauty here on earth. Acrylic on round wood panel.


The Environment and Sustainability Award was won by Wonthaggi artist Angus Wishart for his painting, Looking into the Sun, Oil on board.


The O’Brien Real Estate Award was won by NSW artist Raphe Coombes for his painting, Sunset Genoa Falls #2. Oil on board, painted at sunset at the foot of the falls after heavy rains.

The Sculpture Prize was won by ceramic artist Cindy Tong for her clay, slip and glaze vessel, Natives, Eucalyptus. Gippsland-based and inspired by Australian flora, Cindy uses techniques such as sgraffito and Mishima to create functional pottery.


Best work by a Young Artist was won by Isobel Waters from the ACT for her wheel-thrown stoneware, Forms.  Isobel said, ‘My artistic practice consists of a combination of conceptual investigation and skill acquisition. When my mind needs a break, I return to the wheel, where my hands are led by the clay.’

With nearly 400 small artworks, from across the country and beyond, this exhibition is a visual feast and not to be missed. It’s also a perfect choice for unique Christmas gifts, and 100% of all sales go straight back to the artists.

Proudly sponsored by Simon Anderson Consultants, Carina Turner and supported by O'Brien Real Estate, Sunrise Rotary Club of Bairnsdale, La Riva Luxury Retreat and Experiences, Earth and Soul Pizza, Crystal Stubbs and Gillian Reeve.


Simon Anderson consultants proud supporters of EGAG WRAP 2017
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