Fine Art Raffle

East Gippsland Art Gallery is delighted to announce proceeds from this raffle will go to print Stories from Art Beat of the Country

Raffle tickets $10 each

3 prizes:

Deirdre Jack, Pretty, Valley Falls Creek, oil on canvas 30x30cm

Crystal Stubbs, Hot sculpted solid glass (approx 15cm high)

Di Deppeler, Sewing Machine drawer cabinet


Stories from Art Beat of the Country


Art Beat of the Country is a selection of stories documenting the firsthand reflections of women involved in two art and community projects in Gippsland from 1997-2007. Threads in women’s stories weave a rich tapestry of social history that preserves the voices, thoughts and feelings of making do and finding solutions during difficult times. Women, young and old, came together to participate and collaborate in the projects which served as group/community therapy as well as providing individuals with skills and leadership training. Many women said, if not for the projects, they would have remained isolated in their community; moreover, through participating, they were inspired to engage in self-enriching pursuits and careers.


Besides addressing issues of financial hardship and low self-esteem, the art projects provided relief from undercurrents of mental health issues, domestic violence, loneliness and isolation.


The women, many now in their 70s and 80s, reflect on what happens when opportunity is provided to develop self-respect, focus on goals, and collaborate for amazing outcomes. The life lessons that shine through in these women’s stories offer valuable inspiration for today’s generation in managing and moving beyond the impact of COVID-19 challenges.


Profits from book sales will support Gippsland womens’ projects

Deirdre Jack, Pretty Valley, Falls Creek, Oil on canvas 30x30cm

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Crystal Stubbs, Hot sculpted glass, 15cm high

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Di Deppeler, Sewing Machine drawer cabinet

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