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Linden Dean


These naïve style paintings by Bairnsdale-based artist Linden Dean are the result of artistic efforts that began in 1992, when naïve artist, Gwen Clarke returned to East Gippsland and began tutoring in this style of painting through the local adult education centre.

The definition of naïve art is extremely broad. In the beginning the artist’s style was said to be naïve if they had never painted before taking classes. With training, Linden has developed her own style and experimented with mixed media in the contemporary naïve style.

Linden has been involved in many exhibitions with the Art Naïve Gippsland group, from Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale, to Cowwarr and Melbourne, and has had three solo exhibitions in Bairnsdale. Linden's art works take on a narrative style and often depict images focusing on social issues.

She has had her works represented on cards, book and magazine covers and international calendars and has received three high commendations in the annual Daffodil Day Art Awards. She has sold locally, nationally and internationally, with work in collections in Slovenia, Italy, India, Argentina, Japan and the USA.

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