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Penny Carruthers |Collection
30 July - 04 September 2021

“I have for many years been collecting interesting things and hence am surrounded in my studio and home with an abundance of objects and ephemera. I was always excited by these pieces for their form, colours, patina, interesting textures and shapes, or just for that inexplicable visual something. There was most often the intention of working/ changing/ drawing on these and allowing that first glimmer of an idea to prevail. It has been a perfect medium for my love of drawing and working on these shapes has been a meditative and pleasant process, extending to paintings and drawings on the more conventional surface of paper and canvas. They are continually evolving and the spark of one piece ignites another.

A lot of my collection has seen ‘daylight’ in different form, but most will remain as found for its unique encapsulated memories”

 – Penny Carruthers May 2021

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