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Raffle | Malcom Boyd Stoneware Pot


Malcolm Boyd has generously donated this beautiful pot to help with our fundraising

Size: 32 x 30cm

Tickets: $10 each: Buy online here

Or call us and we can take payment over the phone (03) 5153 1988

All proceeds go towards Gallery programs

Malcolm Boyd has been working as a potter for over 30 years.  From his East Gippsland studio in Fernbank, Malcolm hand-builds his stoneware pots and clay sculptures, which are then fired in a wood-fired kiln built by him-self.  Often using clays sourced from the local area, Malcolm enjoys hand-working the surfaces of his pieces with carving, inlaying and drawing.  His subject matter is inspired by the idyllic rural environment in which he lives and works – the landscape, flora and fauna which surround him each day.

I enjoy the slow evolution of form. Shapes that are full and organic, rather than too precise and tooled.  The ultimate aim is to produce a beautiful piece, a pot well balanced in terms of form, colour and texture, but also expressing something of me. The journey of creating my works often incurs frustration & despair, but more often, incredible joy” – Malcolm Boyd

Raffle | Malcom Boyd Stoneware Pot
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