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Simone R. Lutz

Simone R. Lutz is a visual artist and occasional nerd. She is originally from the Philippines where she studied and practiced engineering for close to a decade before she realised that her other dreams were calling to her, quite loudly. Determined to immerse herself in a creative journey, Simone  is currently working full-time on various projects namely Scanography and themed photographic series as well as pursuing further studies in painting and drawing. When not in her creative bubble, she likes to go for walks along the lake, read fantasy novels, lifestyle magazines,  other artist's blogs, make banana bread, eat banana bread or tend to her garden. Simone is now based in Paynesville, Australia and enjoying life in the country.

How does living in East Gippsland influence your work?

  I have always had an interest in the natural world and living in East Gippsland has provided me with a bounty of inspiration. This is not limited to landscape views, although it's high on the list. I find the light here quite magical!

Who or what inspires your creativity?

When I'm stuck and feel like I've run out of ideas, I will look at works by Henri Rousseau, Picasso, Matisse, Gauguin, Jean Arp, Alexander Calder and my favourite, Paul Cezanne. I also have a long list of contemporary artists I admire, some I've discovered on Instagram: Anna Valdez, Laura Jones, Stephen Ormandy, Bobbie Burgers; some from the local scene: Cynthia Boyle and Rhonda Gray (who I consider my mentor).  I'm also inspired by nature, music, strong patterns and lines, and naysayers.

Do you have a studio space? If so, can you describe it for us?

We are in the middle of renovating our house so my studio space is divided in two parts. In the open plan living area upstairs, I have my painting and drawing space which consists of some easels, a table that's often full of interesting rocks, leaves, or twigs I've collected, art books and gardening books (it's not meant to be this messy, but oh well!) In the lower level, I have my computer and scanner and camera gear for when I feel like reverting to more photographic work. I have a lovely view of the lake in both areas. The hope is that in future the spaces will be merged. Although I can't promise anything…

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