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Summer Showcase 2016

5 January - 23 January 2016

Summer Showcase is a celebration of the artistic spirit of East Gippsland.

This popular annual group exhibition features works by 30 local artists from Raymond Island to Mallacoota and highlights some of the exceptional talents found in our region. Summer Showcase includes paintings, drawings, mixed media and 3D works. All work is sold off-the-wall.

‘From Josephine Jakobi’s delicate and intimate sculptures and works on paper to Robyn Hill’s deeply moving portraits, Deirdre Jack’s and Ngaere Donald’s high country landscapes, and prints by Lee Darroch, Kim Gordon, Robert Logie, Cheri O’Donnell, Rhonda Albrecht, Adelaide Macpherson, Janet Howard and Margaret Fox, there is something for everyone’, says Gallery Director Uli Hasel. ‘I travel through East Gippsland regularly, the road to Lakes Entrance and beyond, the Snowy River, the Coastal Wilderness, and the High Country’, says Hasel, ‘there is so much to like and enjoy and the artists have really captured this spirit in their works.’

Ceramic artist Chris Guthleben showcases her special glazes and firing techniques, such as Saggar and Raku firing, Arabian lustre, Barium fluxes glazes and reduced stoneware glazes to complement the form and functionality of domestic ware. Elizabeth McCarthy’s hand-built torsos and bright and cheerful wheel work connects both the artist and viewer with the earth and remind that we are part of nature.

Newcomer to East Gippsland, Gordon Bain manipulates paint on board which allows him to work the surface in a way that canvas or paper does not. His paintings are explorations of colour, tone and texture and often show the human figure set against landscape.

Since smashing a plate and deciding not to throw it in the bin, but instead make a ring for his partner’s first mother’s day, Marcus Foley of OneOffTwo has found satisfaction in re-using colourful bits of old crockery in his jewellery creations.

Fascination with our constantly evolving ocean inspires Pauline Crunden’s current work. Light and colour is transformed in the movement of the ocean and what appears simple becomes complex. With the horizon line as her starting point in every composition, she communicates the breathtaking vastness of the Ninety Mile Beach.

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