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Bob Munro. Tectonic Poetry

Thursday 19 January

until 28 January

Opening event 5.30pm Friday 20 January

Great photography is at its most profound when it engenders a process of renewal and transformation in our experiences of the world. These photographs have allowed me to become an outsider to something I know quite well. I can think of few things more powerful and rewarding to an an architect than to be given new perspectives and experiences on a completed work.

- Pro. Donald L.Bates

Director LAB Architecture Studio

Chair of Architecture Design, University of Melbourne

Summer Showcase 2017 East Gippsland Art Gallery

Bob Munro, Atrium # 12  Colour photograph

For some years now, every time I’ve traveled to Melbourne from my home in East Gippsland, I’ve spent much of my free time prowling around Federation Square Atrium with my camera. Every nook and cranny of this wonderful steel, glass, zinc & sandstone abstraction has become a familiar haunt to me. Photography is all about light, and the Atrium provides a wonderful light show whenever I’m there.

- Bob Munro

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