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Beryl King

 I have always been interested in art and painted when younger, but did not take up pottery and ceramic sculpture until I lived on Phillip Island.

I started a TAFE Diploma in Visual Arts and found the sculpture, drawing and painting so helpful. The course opened my eyes to possibilities and I learnt an appreciation for all mediums, however I prefer innovative contemporary work. I studied music when younger and have not found an outlet for this in my work as yet, perhaps this is to come… I am a late starter and would never discourage anyone at any age taking up working with clay, it is so rewarding. I find it keeps me alive and hopefully a more interesting person. I try to show emotion in my work and my figures are observations from the past and present, from mythology and history. Since moving to East Gippsland ten years ago, my work has grown and I am lucky to have three galleries with my work regularly in them. I like to participate in open exhibitions that East Gippsland Art Gallery organises each year, they are always well run and it is great to meet other artists.


How does living in East Gippsland influence your work?

Waking up each morning to see the beautiful parrots and the surrounding forest, sights and smells gives me a feeling of peace and calmness to be able to create work and think clearly about what I want to achieve.


Who or what inspires your creativity?

I love reading ceramic magazines from USA and Europe and seeing what artists like Beth Cavener, Stephanie Roos, Carmen Dionyse and in particular, early artists who continued with ceramic sculpture (which I have also done), when a lot of potters were only into pots and plates, being so courageous to go against the trend at the time. I try to keep your originality with my work.


Do you have a studio space? If so, can you describe it for us?

I am lucky to have a studio space at my home, a bungalow with an ensuite. It is a private space to work. The light is good and I have a working desk, a wedging table and an extruder which makes life easier. I use various methods, slab, coils and solid sculpting. My kiln is a 12 cubic Tetlow with a Harco processor, I do love this kiln!

Where do you take visitors in East Gippsland?

I live at Cabbage Tree Creek and nearby is the Bushware Café, which is great for a cuppa, lunches and a good chat with friends.

We take visitors to the Little Cabbage Creek Falls, McKenzie Rainforest walk, Cabbage Tree Palms and of course the beautiful beaches at Cape Conran and Bemm River inlet, where we go fishing.

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