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Di Deppeler | In the Vault
10 December - 29 January 2022

Opening event 5.30pm Friday 10 December | All welcome FREE

"These works are made from recycled timber found at the tip shop, opp shop, roadsides, builders rubbish piles and other peoples discards, wood is precious and so much is thrown away and burnt when it could be re-used to make things with, so I try and use as much as I can.

The works are not perfect, neither am I, they retain marks of age and usage, as do I. Nothing and no one is without value and beauty when we set aside our preconceived conditioned and at times media framed responses to how we think they should be.

Trees give us life, beauty, warmth, shelter and an environment we can live in, unfortunately we tend to cut them down for our convenience and financial gain. We make things from them and throw them away when we want something new.

Imagine if we could use all of the discarded wood from tips, opp shops, roadside rubbish etc, to make things from, instead of cutting down more trees."

- Di Deppeler 2021

Di Deppeler | In the Vault
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