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Lis Williams

Stratford, May 2020


The bushfires, and now the Covid virus, have impacted me mainly because of the adverse effects they’ve had on other people/ environments/ businesses rather than on me and my life. Probably like lots of others, I’m quite shocked, worry, and feel sad and overwhelmed. Keeping painting (and gardening) helps me process things, makes me feel as though I’m doing something worthwhile and also allows me to escape in a meditative sort of way. We walk every day around the Stratford township and country we get out of the house all the time.

I’m missing seeing family and distant friends, missing the different drawing groups, missing going to exhibitions. We’re not big travellers however, so I’m not missing that. I’m happy being home pretty much doing what I usually do... painting, cooking and, over the last couple of months, gardening.


As always, my work is like a snapshot of my life experience and contemplation.

This is my workspace adjacent to the living room. Note I work with my back to the window... Otherwise, I just get too distracted checking out the birds, garden, weather, anything really! Also note the stack of take away coffee cups, as we can’t sit in cafes....I use them for paint palettes



Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be part of your artists in isolation feature ....which I have been enjoying. It’s so good to hear and see what others are doing in these strange times.

Lis Williams, May 2020

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