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Artists in Isolation was an East Gippsland Art Gallery project that offered artists from the Gippsland region and beyond the opportunity to share their stories of life in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked, how might your arts practice be evolving and changing in response to changing times?

Patricia Pittman | Artists in Isolation

Strange times, but I have been busy making art, I never stop.

Alice Pepper | Artists in Isolation

The thing that's kept me sane through this isolation is listening to mother nature's music and witnessing her beauty.

Chris Mongta | Artists in Isolation

I have been at home making tools and weapons from local wood and burning designs into them. My Grandfather Alex Mongta taught me about the art and its connection to culture

Harley Kewish | Artists in Isolation

Since the summer bushfires, I’ve been dedicating my art practice to the ecological destruction that the event wrought.

Cheri O'Donnell | Artists in Isolation

I am an essential worker, so I haven’t been in isolation. I have been working on an exhibition, The Architecture of Winter and Summer.

Lee Darroch | Artists in Isolation

I am interested in the interplay between traditional coiled basketry made with grasses and baskets made with non-traditional materials such as silk, wool, fringing, beading

Gary Yelen | Artists in Isolation

Recently I have been privileged to have been isolated on the FLOAT vessel where I have been painting with watercolours and oils.

Sofie Dieu | Artists in Isolation

I depicted each flower at various stages of its life and called the painting Flower Cosmos. It portrays in many ways where I am at in my own life and spiritual journey.

Penny Carruthers | Artists in Isolation

It was such a pleasure to start working with these objects. Old pots, wire, wood, metal etc. I found myself totally immersed, with no intention in mind...

Tracey Solomon | Artists in Isolation

Isolation has brought people together in new ways and the arts community is no different.

Jacqui Reid | Artists in Isolation

Only a few birds, some kangaroos and a single fox was all we saw for weeks, so I painted them. I collected ash, charcoal, clay, burnt leaves and made paint to create 'Out of The Ashes'

Rosalind Crisp | Artists in Isolation

I am dancing daily, sifting through recent work in local fire-damaged sites and inventing some new processes

Cynthia Boyle | Artists in Isolation

Our isolation in East Gippsland is now complete. There is only recovering landscape around us. My response to this is through drawing

Lisa Roberts | Artists in Isolation

After the summer bushfires in East Gippsland, I just stopped taking photos. I didn’t know how to process what had happened

Deb Jemmeson | Artists in Isolation

I am not sure where this will take us, but every day I am grateful to live where I do

Daniel Jenkins | Artists in Isolation

 Still-life is my brief, pretty much as has been for the last twenty years... But this time without picture frames and the figure as subject matter. 

Jill Hermans | Artists in Isolation

I have been considering my connection to the natural world through my personal relationship with the surrounding leaves

Emma Hearnes | Artists in Isolation

In early March, in what seems like moments before the world took such a strange turn, I had the opening of my solo exhibition, ‘Eating Wholemeal Bread is Enough’ at Brunswick Street Gallery...

Ingrid Smith-Rijneveld | Artists in Isolation


I have been given a chance to watch the seasons turning more slowly than usual and my focus is much more on the natural world

Donna O'Callaghan | Artists in Isolation


I’m still creating ocean-based artworks, capturing the feeling of the ocean creating quirky bubbles with their own little lives. 

Carole Pepper | Artists in Isolation


It was such a hard summer for us all and absolutely terrible for so many, I guess for me my work is meditative

Ngaere Donald | Artists in Isolation

I have been very busy painting no matter what crisis is thrown at me. While the fires were raging, and after, I just had to paint what was happening around me.

Dore Stockhausen | Artists in Isolation

After the most horrible summer dealing with fires, smoke, evacuation and constant worry, this time now in isolation feels almost like being back to normal in our studio.

Rhonda Gray | Artists in Isolation

My most recent work reflects the effects of the recent fires with a focus on devastated habitat and how humans have had to step in to lend a helping hand

Lis Williams | Artists in Isolation


Probably like lots of others, I’m quite shocked, worry, and feel sad and overwhelmed. Keeping painting (and gardening) helps me process things.

Margaret Salt | Artists in Isolation

The bushfires have had an impact on all of us and I have been energised even more on the details in nature and renewal

Helen Masin | Artists in Isolation

I like to create paintings to remind us that unassuming beauty is still important and relevant in today’s ever-increasing chaotic world

Josephine Jakobi | Artists in Isolation

I have been investigating what lives in a community of Black Wattles and accumulating glass vessels. Now I have an architecture of glass and small plant samples. It’s a lovely game to play...

Caroline Crunden | Artists in Isolation

Inspired by seeing the words ARTWORKS HAVE CARBON FOOTPRINTS TOO, I have made the decision to create work from what I already have in my stash along with found objects and repurposed items

Daphne Mihan | Artists in Isolation

l have been busy doing art, it keeps me ticking along quietly

Annie Richardson | Artists in Isolation

I walk up the hill, across the river or around the farm and just have been looking at everything and taking it all in

Jenny Toye | Artists in Isolation

The bushfires definitely affected what I made in the lockdown. That Black Brown and Burnt world – bush, houses, metal road signs, animals and the affect on people...

Kate Shone | Artists in Isolation

Living in troubled times, and the world appears to be going crazy

Glenys Mann | Artists in Isolation

A Time of Difference. During this time that is called ‘self-isolating’ I am finding it quite strange. I self-isolate for most of my life, living up here on the side of Mt Tassie in the Callignee region of Latrobe. So what is different?

Linden Dean | Artists in Isolation

Linden is hard at work completing works based on her recent trips around Western Australia

Libby Witchell | Artists in Isolation

I have been transforming my old shearing shed and quarters into an artist retreat

Deirdre Jack | Artists in Isolation

My heart is in the garden at this time of year and I have happily surrendered to the earth. The studio meanwhile remains dormant

Madelaine Last | Artists in Isolation


I kind of have an obsession with native plants, they are so striking and different. The Eucalyptus globulus (bluegum) is one that you see all the time when you are driving towards the more mountainous parts of Victoria.

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