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Alice Hesse | Nature Inspired Weaving


10 May - 15 June  2024

Special Opening event 5.30pm Friday 10 May. All welcome. FREE

My exhibits are an expression of the experiences in nature that have inspired my creativity. I learnt some basics of weaving from the Yolngu women of Mapuru North East Arnhemland (The Arnhem Weavers) during my time working in the community. However, most of my weaving has deviated from the traditional forms, and I have used my skills instead to experiment with sculpting mainly ocean creatures. Whilst my initial pieces were of pandanus, prepared and dyed from natural materials in Arnhemland, I now weave primarily with NewZealand flax from my garden in combination with commercially available raffia. Often, I incorporate local drift wood into my pieces. Weaving is something that allows me to be mindful and to explore my creativity whilst observing and connecting with the natural world. Although I start most of my pieces with a basic shape, the subconscious creative process comes into play as I weave, and I have come to understand that the weaving finds its own way.


I am immensely grateful to the women of Marpuru for generously sharing their traditional weaving techniques with me and for inspiring me to embark on my own creative journey. 

- Alice Hesse 2024

Alice Hesse, Wombat | Nature Inspired Weaving
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