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Cynthia Boyle

April 2020

2020 has been a mixed up year so far. Fire threatened and I evacuated 3 times. In Marlo, I was more fortunate than most as the fire was stopped before it reached us. Two paintings entitled ‘In Memory of Rain” were a response to those events.

Our isolation in East Gippsland is now complete. There is only recovering landscape around us. My response to this is through drawing with pencil, pen and brush. A bird’s nest blown from a tree in the extreme weather changes, a tiny skink returning to the forest floor and the spoonbills from my sketchbook drawn with watercolour and brush. Small individual snapshots drawn from my local world.

My next project will be a continuation of something I have worked on periodically for many years, a series of self-portraits. The self-portrait definition I use is very broad. Not just ‘what do I look like?’. It seeks to be a body of work that addresses the question ‘who am I?’.

Cynthia Boyle,

Marlo East Gippsland

April 2020

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