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Helen Masin

Sale, May 2020


The lockdown has allowed me to catch up on painting that I had been thinking about doing but had put off because of a myriad of commitments including full-time work, family and life in general. I also felt I needed a challenge, to push myself. Working in isolation was a gift not to be wasted.


I chose an image from a recent trip to the Puglia region of Italy. Working on this piece reminded me of the people I had met, the scenery, the history, the lifestyle of the Italians and how this virus is causing havoc to them and to the world. Then came the realisation that it was going to be a while before anyone would be traveling anywhere. I finished “Matera” then felt a little lost and sad for the way the world has become. Although I have appreciated the extra time in my studio while in isolation, I am looking forward to world becoming a little more normal again.

The Pear Series

A few months ago, I began working on series of pear paintings. Pears were consuming my weekends; I was on a time limit for a new gallery which opened just weeks before the lockdown. Fortunately, the gallery has continued online and sales of pears are doing well.

I like to create paintings to remind us that unassuming beauty is still important and relevant in today’s ever-increasing chaotic world. My hope is that the viewer can find a little peace and quiet whether they are looking at a group of pears, a landscape or an old rustic Italian building. Colour, texture and the effects of age also play a part in creating my work. Primarily I use acrylics and work from my home studio in Sale.

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