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Josephine Jakobi

Lakes Entrance, May 2020

I went to Cape Conran in February. The totally blackened landscape shocked me. I looked for signs of life and found fungi.

I bought 10 metres of tarlatan, folded in a certain way, practiced on paper first, then went back to Conran on April 1st and buried the cloth in the ash and sand, in the burnt tea tree.

On April 28 I returned to Conran, travelling for work you understand, and dug up the fabric. I have just unfolded it on the studio floor. I’m not sure what I will do with this, but I am pleased with the result.

Well, more isolated than lockdown, really.


I have been investigating what lives in a community of Black Wattles and accumulating glass vessels. Now I have an architecture of glass and small plant samples. It’s a lovely game to play...

I created a frottage triptych from the trunk of a fallen Wattle. Graphite on cotton. More evidence of Wattle ecology...

 -Josephine Jakobi, Lakes Entrance, May 2020

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