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Harley Kewish | Amygdala
Sideshow Gallery: 10 December - 29 January 2022

Opening event 5.30pm Friday 10 December All welcome | FREE

Like compost, our memory decays and takes root again. 

"It is here, among the compost and forgotten waste that my artistic practice explores and investigates. Within the ruins of memory, I use painting and photographic manipulation to unearth a gallery of corroded memories discarded and left to mutate. These paintings are made timeless in greys, as stark contrast impresses a liminality hovering between abstraction and ambiguous figuration that the act of remembering evokes.  


In my exploration of memory through art, I’ve employed the act of remembering as part of my methodology; these paintings are the impressions left after limited exposure to pre-memory photographs, allowing for imperfections to manifest in their abstractions. Here exists a window into the fluid and everchanging landscape of those memories that shape my understanding of the world around me and those that inhabit it.


This exploration comes inspired by the recent pandemic and both the emotional and mental toll that isolation and heavy restrictions have imposed. In a time where the entire world is minimalised to only four walls, even the local parks and lakes existed relatively as an abstract non-space. They might’ve been down the road, or in an entirely different continent and it wouldn’t have mattered. This is the world in these memories inhabit. Their existence itself remains relative and fluid. Neither structural nor organic, but a mutation of both."

- Harley Kewish, December 2021

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