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Hello! Postcards from East Gippsland

10 March – 9 April 2016

Autumn at East Gippsland Art Gallery honours the landscape and people who live here with a fabulous postcard exhibition. Be excited, be inspired, and be challenged. Become involved. Hello! Postcards from East Gippsland, a celebration of East Gippsland’s natural environment, the Gippsland Lakes, the High Country, 90 Mile Beach, Coastal Wilderness, and Alpine areas and its great community spirit;

East Gippsland Art Gallery has invited artists, students, children and the general public from across the region to design and create postcards. Postcards are made from many different types of material and medium but are all A5 in size and can also be made in the Gallery and purchased during the exhibition. “This is East Gippsland Art Gallery’s second postcard exhibition,” Gallery Director Ms Uli Hasel said, “The first was part of the Alice in Wonderland exhibition in 2014 and to great acclaim. “With this arts project we have aimed to engage the whole community,” Ms Hasel said, “participation is easy and achievable even for the novice or non-artist. We even provide blank postcards and some art materials for children, adults and visitors to create postcards in the Gallery at a small cost.”

Buyers have the option to have their postcards posted to them after the show, so they receive a pleasant reminder of their visit to the Gallery. Alongside many prominent East Gippsland artists, including for example Gordon Bain, Cynthia Boyle, Daphne Mihan, Julie Webb, Elisabeth Williams, are many new exhibitors for example Liz Gridley, Natalie Juré and Colour Gang member Stephen Smith. Children and students from schools across the region, for example Paynesville Primary School, Nungurner PS and East Gippsland Specialist School are also participating.

The exhibition will run from 10 March through to 9 April and includes the Easter school holidays.

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