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Jacqui Reed

Bruthen, East Gippsland, April 2020

Well, my art evolved during the bushfire, all but our house was lost or burnt. We left home for 12 hours while Sarsfield was on fire and returned to burning sheds, fences and paddocks and a house that was still standing. 

Only a few birds, some kangaroos and a single fox was all we seen for weeks so I painted them. I collected ash, charcoal, clay, burnt leaves and made paint to create 'Out of The Ashes' a small series I'm still working on.

We left Sarsfield and have moved to the outskirts of Bruthen, still in bush. Isolation has given me the time to think about who I am as an artist, in what direction I want to grow and I get excited about what I'm creating, art happens everyday now. I'm using more natural pigments and getting a lot more inspiration while I'm out in the garden or on a walk. I'm feeling more confident in myself as an artist and looking forward to where art might take me.   

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