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Linden Dean | Walking on Ancient Ground
23 April - 31 May 2021
Special opening event 5.30pm Friday 23 April 2021 All welcome FREE
The Gallery is open Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm | Sat-Mon 10am-2pm for the duration of this exhibition
Naive Painting workshop with Linden:Sunday, 02 May from 10:30 | Fee applies Call us to book
Artist insight with Linden 1pm Wednesday, 12 May | FREE booking essential

For those people who have followed Linden’s artistic journey over the years, this exhibition will highlight a completely new direction in her art. Many of the works vary in style as they are landscapes, a theme, until now, which has not been a part of Linden’s style.


Linden says, “I was interested in using a variety of media and experimenting in ways I hadn't before. Many of these pieces are the first of those.”


Since retiring in 2013, Linden and her husband and art manager, Peter Millard, have started to discover Australia. In 2016 they drove through the centre of Australia to Broome and then Darwin and Kakadu. In 2019 they drove along the coast from Geelong to Exmouth in Western Australia, then back via the Pilbara.


Linden was awed by the landscape. She said, “It's not only the colours in the environment but the patterns, shapes, textures, lines, history, culture and vastness as well that caused me to want to do this work.


But it is the colours that grab you first!”


Linden took many photos on these trips. “I wanted to preserve as much of the different scenes, and the things within them, as I could, so that when I got home the photos would help me get back into the feelings and sense of all the wonderful places we journeyed through. I haven’t wanted to recreate everything as it is, but let the essence of the place influence me,” she said.

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