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Current Exhibition

Owen Piggott (1931 – 2015)

White Light

For more than thirty years, Owen Piggott lived at Metung, overlooking the Gippsland lakes. His paintings draw on the experience of light and atmosphere around the lakes, without making specific reference to the landscape. Instead, his paintings might be read as abstractions,without losing touch with real life perception and phenomena.


The White Light series covers the last four years of Piggott’s work, and includes oil paintings as well as paintings in other media. Visitors are taken on a journey through space and atmosphere, with many pieces alluding to an upward passage into the heavens above.Owen Piggott’s work is represented in the collections of the National Gallery of Victoria,Queensland Art Gallery and regional and university galleries.

The East Gippsland Art Gallery collection of works by Owen Piggott was kindly and generously donated by Lynette Piggott and family in 2016.

Owen Piggott | White Light at East Gippsland Art Gallery
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