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Sofie Dieu

 June 2020

At the beginning of the lock down, I received a commission for a floral painting. For this type of work, I normally go out and study from nature. This time I digged in the pictures I took when I was in residency in Falls Creek last December and also searched in my books and online.

I depicted each flower at various stages of its life and called the painting Flower Cosmos. It portrays in many ways where I am at in my own life and spiritual journey. The circular shape is a constant in my work, I have been using it in a series of embroidery too for @covid19quilt.

F.L.O.A.T. Orange + White show has also kept me busy. I have been experimenting with colour and pastel, trying to merge the powdery earthy aspect of chalk with the fluidity of inks. It has been an interesting exercise. Out of the multitude of failed attemps, a couple of works have emerged.

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