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Anne Richardson

Swifts Creek, East Gippsland, May 2020


The fires and now the virus situation have been difficult but also a time to refocus and think clearly.

I find when there is a crisis I can freeze up and don’t often pick up my camera but I also see great shots while working away on the farm and just snap them with my phone. They are often people shots showing them as they are at the time coping with the day to day events. I have a strong urge to not miss this moment in time. This was the fires for me.

Then I get back to nature- at home or wherever I am at the time. We managed to get away up the coast for a few days before lockdown and I was up predawn every morning out on the beaches, absolutely loving the fresh air and absorbing the energy from the sea. When I wanted a change I did some abstract shots which I really enjoy. It is like being “rebooted” and you can just totally relax.

As we then progressed to the present situation I just love being at home. I have spent days walking around with my camera playing with different lens combinations photographing my flowers mainly- macro and abstract.


Having read and followed a flower farm in the USA for some time (Floret Farm) loving their stories and images, I have gone crazy for dahlias!! Also for flower arranging with the purpose of doing more still life shots which I enjoy. No fancy equipment just a white sheet over the window, some rolls of paper as backdrops and my camera and tripod.

I walk up the hill, across the river or around the farm and just have been looking at everything and taking it all in. It is my sanity. I am sorting through a lot of things and focusing on some new skills and enjoying a couple of on line courses one being Sofie Munn’s seed and art work. This isolation is giving me time to try new things and catch up with the old ones!

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