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Donna O’Callaghan

Sale, June 2020


My time in isolation has been filled with working as a nurse and home-schooling my son, with some tiny little pockets of time available to create some artworks. I am working on some pieces for a new studio space in Collins Street in Melbourne CBD with Madame Hunter Art and pieces for a Gippsland exhibition that I am really excited about with the CARE group. 


I have been experimenting with watercolours on a large scale in a minimal colour palette which I have absolutely enjoyed. I’m still creating ocean-based artworks, capturing the feeling of the ocean creating quirky bubbles with their own little lives. 

I have also been playing with paper both handmade and watercolour papers, to see how that changes the way I paint and then see where that takes me. I have been using mono printing in my works and hope to develop this further. And my amazing dad made me a canvas storage unit on wheels! 


Something I noticed when isolation began, was sales were dropping and I was hearing the same thing from many other artists. So I created a new page on Instagram called Australian Virtual Art Gallery, that supports and promotes all those involved in arts, artists, art galleries curators, suppliers, anyone. And I do this for free so that we can all thrive. I have had really positive feedback from all involved, and I’ve made some beautiful friends. 


Generally, I have found people in the arts very supportive and giving of their time and knowledge, so this is the least that I can do to help keep people creating.

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