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Glenys Mann

A Time of Different

Callignee, April 2020

During this time that is called ‘self-isolating’ I am finding it quite strange….

I self-isolate for most of my life… living up here on the side of Mt Tassie in the Callignee region of Latrobe… so what is different?

Different in the fact that I can’t do any travel… when I love to travel… the whole world, in fact…

Different in the fact that most of my contact, now, comes on a handheld device

Different in the fact that the garden, my most treasured of gardens is so weed-free that I could enter it in the garden comp

Different in the fact that my art practice has changed considerably

Different in the fact that why did that happen?

Different in the fact that what I am doing now has been lying dormant for I don’t know how long

Different in the fact that there is not a needle and thread in sight

Different in the fact that I am collaging

Making books

All shapes

Working with other artists on these books, (there are only two artists working on one book… me and one other, that is as many as I can manage!!)

Artist that are a million miles away… one on the other side of the world. One on the other side of Australia, another on the far North Coast NSW and another in Central Victoria… all picked at random.

I never do challenges, but I have challenged myself to work in a very restricted palette. Challenged myself that I also have to work with another artist. All of a sudden I am enjoying what I have always thought that I would not enjoy. Limiting the palette is one thing, limiting who I work with is another!!

So… I am now on book number 3

All have a theme… “Sense of Place”

  1. In a Language of Silence

  2. Curious Plants from a Unique Sense of Place

  3. Reconstructed Place

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