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Art Textile Biennale 2020

22 January - 05 March 2021

Special opening event 5pm Friday 22 January | FREE All welcome

This exhibition is open Saturdays 10-2pm


Artist Insight | 10am Saturday 23 January

The Art Textile Biennale seeks to exhibit the best of contemporary art textiles and invites submissions that reflect a wide range of works related to the textile medium. The goal of the exhibition is to include innovative work rooted primarily in textile as well as art that explores unexpected relationships between textile and other creative disciplines.

The exhibition runs in conjunction with Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Toowoomba, Queensland,

03 April – 31 May 2021

The Art Textile Biennale is produced and managed by Fibre Arts Australia.


 The Art Textile Biennale
Winners Announced


It was very difficult to select just a few works from this impressive exhibition of finalists in this inaugural textile award, especially with only the online visuals to inform my choice.

Due to border closures and personal matters, it was extremely unfortunate that I could not be at the gallery in person to select works because when you see an artwork in reality you are privy to everything that makes up that work – it’s physicality in space; it’s three-dimensionality; the true colour of the work; the intricate details of stitching and colouration that have been imbued by technique or time… many of these delicate and highly important criteria are lost on the screen and so I am being guided by those that were there to view them on the day and who are privileged to stand in the presence of these works.

-JULIE RYDER. Finals Judge

The discussion via a video call between Glenys Mann and Nonie Sutcliffe of Fibre Arts Australia and myself, took more than two hours to come to my final decision.

WINNER of the Art Textile Biennale 2020

Eszter Bornemisza (HUNGARY) for her work:

Matter of Time 2019

Canvas, self-made paper pulp, concrete, newspaper, dye, paint, threads, 178 x 145 cm

"This is quite a complex work that is fully resolved to evoke the sense of the degradation of materials, the ravages of time and perhaps memory even. The embellishment and layering of the work is beautifully balanced."

JULIE RYDER. Finals Judge

Fibre Arts Australia added 3 more awards with a value of AU$500 each. These 3 awards were chosen by Glenys Mann, Nonie Sutcliffe and Angela Truscott  (Fibre Arts Take Two) as their own personal preferences within the exhibition.

Glenys Mann Award was won by

Caren Garfen (UK) for her work

Selection 2020

Cotton, silk threads, 108 vintage ophthalmic lenses, 108 miniature picture frames, photographs

Nonie Sutcliffe Award was won by

Neha Puri Dhir (INDIA) for her work

Besmirch 2019

Masking and stitch resist dyeing on handwoven silk, 73 x 110 cm

Angela Truscott Fibre Arts Take Two Award was won by

Helle Jorgensen (AUSTRALIA)

Self portrait as an old bag

Paper yarn, encaustic wax and found canvas bag,150 x 30 x 30 cm

This year we were thrilled to announce a Peoples Choice Award  on behalf of Jeanette Waight Severs and Caroline Severs.

This was won by

Sharon Peoples AUSTRALIA

Gardening Gloves 2020

Machine embroidery, rayon/polyester thread, metal thread, silk, polyester

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